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Origin | France

Product | Isolator Gloves and Sleeves

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Isolator gloves and sleeves

Hands under high security

World-recognized Quality: PIERCAN Gloves

PIERCAN GLOVES is today the uncontested leader
in the field of drybox gloves, setting the standards in both quality and responsiveness.



Nuclear Industry

Usage of gloves: To protect operatives from radioactive contamination and ionizing radiation.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Usage of gloves: To protect medicines from the outside environment and to protect operatives.

PIERCAN is also present in the following operational sectors: Hospitals, Research, Space industry, Food industry etc.

Many companies around the world use PIERCAN gloves.

The range of gloves

1. Drybox gloves
Also known as isolator gloves, these are one-piece seamless gloves that are used to handle objects in an enclosed environment.

2. Sleeves
Sleeve systems offer the operative an ergonomic fit and perfect freedom of movement. The sleeve is connected to an ELS glove via the Secure Cuff Ring developed by PIERCAN.

3. ELS gloves
ELS gloves are connected to sleeves. These ELS glove/sleeve systems are mainly used in pharmaceutical laboratories and hospitals.

the Materials

Click on each glove material to download detail material descriptions.

Standards & Certifications

The CE Standard

The framework of the CE legislation on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has changed a great deal over the past few years. The gloves sold by PIERCAN are compliant with the new European Regulation 2016/425, which came into force definitively in 2019, and permanently replaces Directive 89/686/EEC.

  • PIERCAN gloves meet the following standards worldwide
  • EN420: General Requirements for Gloves
  • EN374: Chemical Risks
  • EN338: Mechanical Risks
  • EN421: Nuclear Risks

*Example of Marking for PIERCAN Gloves

ISO Certifications


PIERCAN has been ISO 9001 certified for a number of years. Quality is therefore a core concept at a Group level.


PIERCAN has been ISO 14001 certified since 2010. Rooted in sustainable development, the PIERCAN company is conscious of the environmental impact of its industrial operations and wishes to reduce these negative effects as far as possible.

FDA Standards

The latest development in the PIERCAN range is the EPDM glove. This is also the only PIERCAN glove with a composition that is compliant with the FDA positive list (§ 1772600, CFR 21).

Exacting Quality Control for PIERCAN Gloves

PIERCAN guarantees the quality of these products because they are subject to a quality control procedure consisting of a number of steps that remains very strict through the processes of design, manufacture, testing and dispatch, while complying with PPE regulations.

Legth Check
Testing the length. If the sample glove is non-compliant, testing is expanded and every glove is checked.

Beading Check
Testing at the mid-point between the sides and at the fold of the glove.

Thickness Check
Five points are randomly selected and the thickness is measured.

Visual Inspection
100% are checked. Each glove undergoes inspection to detect any visual imperfections

Glove Integrity Testing
EN21 표준 기준을 따라 누출 테스트를 진행하여 누출이 발생하는지 검수합니다.

This ensures the total traceability of the finished product, from raw materials to the inspector.

All gloves are inspected by randomly selecting 1 product for each box. If the gloves selected as the sample do not pass its inspection, the entire product in 1 box will be inspected. Products that fail the inspection will not be dispatched.

PIERCAN – Isolator Gloves and Sleeves
(Hands under High Security)

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